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The focus of this web site is World War II in the Pacific; World War II because I lived on the island of Saipan in the Marianas, where for five years I researched and wrote my first book, "Saipan: Oral Histories of the Pacific War" followed by three others also on the subject of the Pacific War. All four books are the product of both archival research and oral history interviews.

Since January 2004, we have lived in New Plymouth, New Zealand, where I continue to write.

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Saipan: Oral Histories of the Pacific War

The battle for Saipan is remembered as one of the bloodiest battles fought in the Pacific during World War II. Visible reminders of the devastation still exist. One can find human remains scattered on the jungle floor or in caves throughout the island. 

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Oral Histories

Bill Lewis: USS Breese and USS Latimer

Mr. Bill Lewis was born in 1919 in Esparto, California. His father was also born in Esparto where he worked all his life as a hired farmhand. After his retirement from the Navy in 1962, Mr. Lewis continued to go to sea as a merchant marine officer unti

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Proud to be Maori - Bert Wipiti

Bert Wipiti, the first Maori airman to leave Aotearoa for active duty after he joined the RNZAF in 1941. A war hero who was awarded the Distinguished Flying Medal for his efforts. Watch on Maori Television

Australia and New Zealand in the Pacific War

Pacific War - Over Sexed, Over Paid & Over Here Low

by Bruce M. Petty aboard Sun Princess, May 2017

Luganville Pacific War Remembered LBurrafato

Espiritu Santo--supply & support base in WWII. Narrated by Bruce M. Petty. Filmed by Leanardo Burrafato.

Pacific War Missing in Action

by Bruce M. Petty aboard Dawn Princess, May 2012

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